What are VIDDO PRO Vouchers?

            We are giving the opportunity for the wider public to reserve (purchase early) their VIDDO PRO Channels before the launch of the platform. In this sale, you can buy:
            • 1.5 Million Honorary Co-Founder Vouchers at 75% discount
            • 1.5 Million Early Bird Vouchers at 66% discount

            All Vouchers can be redeemed to VIDDO PRO Channels on from November 2018. Or, you can decide to keep the Vouchers and wait for their price to increase and sell them later on, on the VIDDO PRO Marketplace.

            There will be a total of 10 Million PRO Channels available and only 1.5 Million Honorary Co-Founder and another 1.5 Million Early-Bird PRO Channels sold as Vouchers. These vouchers will be the only ones tradeable on the VIDDO PRO Marketplace.

            The last 7 Million PRO Channels are going to be sold on the platform. The PRO Channels that were purchased directly on after the platform launch cannot be sold on the marketplace. We anticipate the price of PRO Channels to rise exponentially once the platform opens.

            Updated: 26 Sep 2018 06:47 PM
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